MMTS Train Timings!

Hyderabad MMTS Train Timings

MMTS is a local trains in twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. MMTS stands for Multi Modal Transport System, it is operated by South Central Railway, which is a head quarter for railway divisions of Secunderabad, hyderabad, vijayawada, Guntakal, Guntur and Nanded. The first phase was completed in 2003, it spans forty four kilometers in length and it will connect major areas of the twin cities. MMTS will run in 9 routes. The MMTS trains runs between

Mainly MMTS runs in 3 routes. Lingampalli to falaknuma, lingampalli to hyderabad, falaknuma to hyderabad. Approximately 129 trips runs between these 3 railway lines.

MMTS Train Timings

MMTS Train Fares

In MMTS Trains two types of classes are there first class and second class, here first class in the sense not AC coach but the density will be bit low compare to second class ticket category, first class mmts tickets are approximately 10 times more compare the second class mmts tickets for single journey tickets, where as for monthly season tickets it is 5 to 6 times compare the second class monthly seasion tickets. The mininum fare for second class mmts trains is 5 ₹ and maximum fare is 10 ₹, where as for first class it is 50 ₹ and maximum fare is 155 ₹. The MMTS train will have ladies coaches also which only meant for women, every mmts train will have 9 coahces, in which 3 coaches will be reserved for Women and First Class. MMTS special train for women will run at peak hours by name Mathrubhoomi Special, as there is not much women passengers are travelling, so sounth central railway authorities decided to reserve first five bogies for women and rest for all passengers. These trains will have vendor coaches also, where small business passengers can travel with their luggage.

MMTS train tickets will be available on all mmts railway stations either we can buy standing in queue or you can get through ATVMs which means automatic ticket vending machines, you have to purchase the smart card then you can use it whenever you want by selecting the source and destination. Monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly and yearly season tickets also you can buy from counters or using UTS mobile app. Telenagana government is introduced comobine ticket for MMTS and RTC with this passengers can travel either through RTC buses or MMTS trains depends on their availability, which costs around 800/-. MMTS commuters can take the season tickets before 10 days also. MMTS season ticket commuters can travel in express trains like gulbarga passenger, tandur passenger but you are allowed in general coaches only, these passenger trains will stops at hyderabad, secunderabad, sanath nagar, begumpet, hafizpet and lingampally stations only. MMTS timings are very flexible enough that you will get train from any where with a time gap of 30 to 45 min. More number of passengers will travel through lingampally to falaknuma, falaknuma to lingampally, lingampally to hyderabad, hyderabad to lingampally trains which runs in two routes.

MMTS Train Fares Single Journey Season Ticket
From To First Class Second Class First Class Second Class
Lingampally Chanda Nagar, Hafizpeta, Hitech city 50 5 510 150
Borabanda, Bharathnagar 65 5 635 150
Fatehnagar, Naturecure Hospital, Begumpet, Sanjeevaiah Park, Necklace Road 100 5 750 150
James Street, Secunderabad, Sitafalmandi, Khairathabad, Lakdikapul, Hyderabad 100 10 885 280
Arts College, Jamai Osmania, Vidyanagar,Kacheguda 145 10 900 280
Malakpet, Dabirpura, Yakutpura 145 10 1025 280
Huppuguda, Falaknuma 155 10 1135 280
Secunderabad Sitafalmandi, Arts College, Jamai Osmania, Vidyanagar, Kacheguda, Malakpet, Hyderabad, Bharath Nagar, James Street, Saneevaiah Park, Necklace road, Khairathabad, Lakdikapul, Begumpet, Nature cure hospital, Fatehnagar 50 5 510 150
Borabanda, Hitech City, Dabirpura, Yukutpura, Huppuguda 65 5 635 150
Hafeezpet 100 5 750 150
Chanda Nagar, Lingampally 100 10 885 280
Hyderabad Secunderabad, James Street, Saneevaiah Park, Necklace road, Khairathabad, Lakdikapul, Begumpet, Nature cure hospital, Fatehnagar 50 5 510 150
Bharath Nagar, Sitafalmandi, Arts College, Jamai Osmania, Vidyanagar, Borabanda 65 5 635 150
Hitech city, Kacheguda, Malakpet, Dabirpura, Hafeezpet 100 5 750 150
Yakutpura, Huppuguda, Falaknuma, Chanda Nagar, Lingampally 100 10 885 280
Falaknuma Huppuguda, Yakutpura, Dabirpura, Malakpet, Kacheguda, Vidyanagar 50 5 510 150
Jamai Osmania, Arts college, Sitafalmandi, Secunderabad 65 5 635 150
Begumpet, Naturecure Hospital, James Street, Sanjeevaiah Park 100 5 750 150
Necklace Road, Khairathabad, Lakdikapul, Hyderabad, Fatehnagar, Bharath Nagar 100 10 885 280
Borabanda, Hitech City 145 10 900 280
Hafizpet 145 10 1025 280
Chadanagar, Lingampally 155 10 1135 280

MMTS Phase 2 and Phase 3:

The total estimate for MMTS Trains Phase 2 are approximately 800 crores which includes sanath nagar to moula ali, moula ali to malkajgiri, bolarum to medchal, falaknuma to umdanagar, and moula ali to ghatkesar, the works are going on with the funds allotted by the central as this is state and central share of 3:2 as the railway officials, this can be completed by end of 2017 or some time in January. If phase 2 gets completes then Government is planning for Phase 3 implementation from Ghatkesar (Nearest railway station Rayagir) to Yadadri (Yadagiri gutta) which is to be completed within 3 years.

Metro Train Timings are not yet announced by Hyderabad Metro Rail Ltd, Stay tuned for updates. Thank You

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