Indian Railways, MMTS and Metro Trains in news

MMTS Trains Cancelled

Because of quadrupling work between between Moula Ali and Ghatkesar stations, south central railway has cancelled some of the mmts trains from March 3 to 7 and on March 11th in twin cities.. Read More »

Hyderabad Metro Train Frequency Increased on behalf of ongoing RTC strike

Hyderabad Metro is running additional trains in view of huge demand for metro train services because of ongoing RTC strike. It has been almost 23 days now, hmrl is running more than 100 additional trips daily. The additional services has started from Dassera vacation, so many commuters used the metro services in absence of RTC Buses to reach their destinations and railway stations in the twin cities.. Read More »

Boarding point for resrevation tickets can be modify now

Another good news for indian railway commuters that now you can change the boarding point for your planned reserved journey. It was not possible earlier to modify now irctc added this feature to online and through offline you can visit the nearest railway reservation counters and you can ask for boarding point change details. The main intension behind this facility to avoid the missing of train for the commuters who has to travel long distance to reach main stations or struck in traffic while any festivals happening in town/city where you have to face traffic restrictions.. Read More »

New Trains are introduced - MMTS Trains

Hyderabad Metro Rail brought a new experience for city people, in the same way RTC brought electrical buses and now it's time for MMTS (Multi Modal Transport System) from SCR (South Central Railway). SCR brought new mmts trains with new technology and incorporated new features. The new MMTS trains were introduced on May Day. Presently these trains running with 12 racks from Lingampally to Falaknuma and Falaknuma to Lingampally. Even though May 1st is holiday the commuters were happy to travel in new mmts trains.. Read More »

MMTS Trains New Racks Arrived In City

Yes, there is a good news for Hyderabad and Secunderabad commuters that new mmts phase 2 trains has arrived to Moula-Ali and Alwal Railway staiton. In view of inspection for mmts phase2 the south central railway general manager Gajanan Mallya has enquired... Read More »

MMTS Trains cancelled due to phase2 work

In view of mmts phase2 work on 18 and 19th February some mmts trains are cancelled by South Central Railway Department. Below is the list of mmts train numbers and routes which are cancelled. Read More »

Introduction of Point of Sale Machines in Trains

A very happy news for Indian train commuters as Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation(IRCTC) has introduced the new way of paying amounts for food supplied by the IRCTC in Indian trains. With this facility anyone can choose the menu and order the food using debit and credit cards. Read More »

Last Metro Train Timings

To avoid the difficulties for metro trian commuters the Hyderabad Metro has displaying the first and last train timings in almost every metro stations. The four routes currently the metro services are in operation are miyapur to lb nagar, lbnagar to miyapur, nagole to ameerpet and ameerpet to nagole. Read More »

Unreserved Railway Ticket Booking using UTS Mobile App

Inidan Railways has decided to facilitate to book unreserved tickets for any train journey from November 1st onwards. For pilot project they lauched the services in Mumbai, however mumbians use to local trains frequently it was not great success. Later Indian Railways introduced UTS mobile service in 15 railway zones, now it is introducing in all the railway zones. Read More »

Ameerpet to LB Nagar Metro Route Launched

Most awaited time has came on 24th September 2018 when Governor ESL Narasimhan flagged off the Hyderabad Metro for Ameerpet to LB Nagar route, which includes 17km and 16 stations from LB Nagar to Ameerpet adn this is stretch of Miyapur to LB Nagar route. With this route launch Hyderabad metro became the second highest metro network in India after Delhi Metro. Along with Minister K. Taraka Rama Rao and others the metro route was inaugurated. Read More »

Hyderabad MMTS Journey of 15 Years

Till then Hyderabad and Secunderabad city folks habituated to travel their local journies with the use of buses and autos, a new experience came up when MMTS (Multi Modal Transport System) was launched in Hyderbad city. Exactly 15 years back MMTS Trains were launched by Deputy Prime Minister of India Shri Lal Krishna Advani, united AP chief minister shirt Nara Chandra babu naidu and central minister Dattatreya. From then onwards there is substantial relation has formed between city commuters and mmts journey which is very cheap and pollution free journey. Read More »

Hyderabad Metro and MMTS special services on strike

Due to trade unions called for one day strike in India, the transport system is getting hit in allover the India to bring petrol and diesel prices also into GST and reduce the bhima premium. It seems the autos, buses and cabs won't be available in twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad as use to available daily. Read More »

Hyderabad Metro Train Last Mile Connectivity

It has been almost 8 months the Hyderabad Metro has launched, and some metro stations has introduced various last mile connectivity facilities by cars, bikes, scootes, buses and bicycles by various agencies. Here is the list of organisaiton, vehicle and metro stations where the last mile connectivity facility is available as of 28/07/2018. Read More »

Hyderabad Metro Train Timings Changed

In view of carrying the trail runs from Ameerpet to LB Nagar and vice versa the current metro timings from all three stations such as Miypur, Ameerpet and Nagole are changed from July 16th 2018. Earlier the metro operations were use to start at 6:00 a.m in the morning which has been dealyed a half an hour, so the first trains will start from these three stations at 6:30 a.m in the morning on weekdays including Saturday where as on Sunday the first metro services will start at 7 a.m in morning. And there is no change on last train timings. Read More »

Vegetables and Fruit outlets at Hyderabad Metro Stations

After recent initiations taken by hyderabad metro rail for women reservation in metro coahes, now it's time for vegetables and fruits. The Hyderabad metro commuters, those who are passing through the metro stations and those who are staying nearby metro stations can purchase vegetables and fruits at nearest metro stations itself. Hyderabad metro has started the process and planning to open the shops soon. Read More »

Hyderabad Metro Train - Women reservation

New initiation also taken by the Hyderabad Metro Rail to reserved some part of the coach for lady passengers. Hyderabad Metro Rail M.D. NVS Reddy has started the women reservation coach on 07-APR-2018 in Ameerpet metro station. The security or helpers at metro staitons will guide the women passengers to get into the train at particular bhogies. The womens reserved coach might be in first one or last one for each train. For example if trains are moving from Nagole to Ameerpet the ladies coach will be on first one and while travelling from Ameerpet to Nagole the women reserved coach will be last car. Read More »

Hyderabad Metro Train Frequency 7/8 minutes now

It was after noon on April 20th the urban development minister of state Sri K.T.Rama Rao tweeted saying a very happy news to the Hyderabad metro commuters that frequency is set by Hyderabad Metro Rail in peak and non-peak hours as 7 and 8 respectively. And these updated timings will comes operational from April 21st 2018. Read More »

Load Bearing Test for Lakdikapul ROB

It has been more than 100 days the Hyderabad Metro has started the services in twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Daily ridership is stabilized now and it is 60k per daily. This patronage will be increased once the other stretches are also open to public. The plan is to complete the all the works and start the services in June/July. Currently the metro trains are running from Miyapur to Ameerpet and Ameerpet to Nagole stretches of corridor 2 and corridor. Read More »

Water ATM at Hafeezpet MMTS Station- RO Mineral Chilled Water

Hafeezpet is the very old railway station in between Lingampally to Hyderabad and Lingamapally to Falaknuma route. All passengers trains and mmts trains will stop here. Passenger trains like Gulbarga, Tandur and some express trains will also stop here. Recently it was announced that Hafeezpet station will be equipped with Escalators soon based on the commuters count and ofcourse CCTV installation also sanctioned. Waiting for the equipments from south central railway (SCR). Read More »

Increase In Metro Train Frequency on IPL Match Days

Hyderabad city is going to host the 6 IPL matches in Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium on 9th, 12th, 14th, 19th, 22nd and 24th of April 2018. As we know hyderbad metro train servies are started in November itself for a distance of 27.7 km, so who ever want to avoid traffic jams at Stadium and avoid parking difficulties they can simply use Hyderabad Metro Trains. As this is the first time IPL matches are happening after Metro services started in twin cities of Hyderabad. Read More »

Grocery Store At Ameerpet Metro Station

A new grocery store is opened on Saturday at Ameerpet Metro station to facilitate the metro customers, where you can buy any grocery item except vegetabels. As we know that metro services are started in Hyderabad almost 100 days back and Hyderabad metro is running successfully in twin cities in two routes like Miyapur to Ameerpet and Ameerpet to Nagole. Daily almost 60,000 commuters are travelling in these metro trains. This count will goes up once all other stretches will open to public Read More »

Escalators and CCTV cameras in MMTS Railway Stations

The recent union budget shows that so many railway stations in the region of south central railway will be getting escalators. In Hyderabad city Lingampally railway station, Hafeezpet Railway station and Hitec city MMTS railway station are the one which we can see escalators early. Lingampally is the station which servers almost MMTS Trains from morning to evening, and so many express trains also be stopped here, commuters from Tellapur, Lingampally, Patancheru, Ramachandrapuram, use to come here for travel in MMTS trains, but there is no escalators to help the old persons and physically challenged persons by carrying luggage Read More »

Miyapur-LB Nagar-Metro-Updates

Telangana government is planning to start the remaining stretches of corridor 1 and corridor 3 from June 2018 the metro works are in full swing to beat the schedule. In Miypur to LB Nagar route from Miypur to Ameerpet is in currently operational, the remaining stretch from Ameerpet to LB Nagar is getting ready. In Nagole to Rayadurgam route from Nagole to Ameerpet is now operational, where as from Ameerpet to Rayadurgam is under construction stage. Except viaducts and parapet walls almost all the work is completed in ameerpet to lb nagar route, by construction company is planning to complete the power, track and signalling works by March 2018 and planning to start the trail runs from March end or in April 2018 as per eenadu sources. Read More »

Indian Railway Budget 2018-19

Railway budget for this year 2018-19 increased a bit compare to 2017-18. Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitely announced a sum of 1, 46,500 crores as railway budget this year. The main focus this year on passengers security as last year so many train derailments were happened. The railway budget increase 22% compare to last year. And next goes to 18000 km two, three and four lines changing and 5000km broad gauge change, if it gets completed then almost all gauge should be broad gauge only Read More »

Hyderabad Metro - SmartBike

Hyderabad Metro Rail has started the services on November 28th 2017.So many facilities are privided by Hyderabad Metro at all metro stations like lift for old people and physically handicapped people, escalators, stairs, smart card recharge facilities and going to launch metro malls at some important locations which contains shopping malls and multiplexes witj high security measures. SmartBikes are the one which are entirely new for Hyderabadians. Read More »

Hyderabad Metro Rail Smart Bike
Hyderabad Metro Smart Bikes

Hyderabad MonoRail Project Proposed

Hyderabad Metro Rail has started the services for public on November 29th after launched by prime minister of India on 28th November. Metro train fares are declared as 10 rupees is the minimum price upto 2km and 60 rupees is the maximum price above 26km travel. Two stretches of two corridors from Miyapur to Ameerpet and Nagole to Ameerpet are running with metro trains successfully. Smart cards and tokens are used in place of tickets Read More »
MonoRail Train (Representational Purpose)

Hyderabad MMTS Phase 2 Launch

As Hyderabad Metro Trains are flagged off in city and with huge success beyond expectation now it's time for MMTS Phase 2 launch. It has been long since this multi model transport system phase 2 is pending, now the decks are clear for two new routes out of 6 routes. Here is the list of new routes that were proposed under MMTS second phase Read More »

Hyderabad Metro Train Timings

Hyderabad Metro Rail has launched by the prime minister of India on November 28th of 2017 in presence of Governor Shri Narasimhan, the Chief Minister of Telangana State Shri K.Chandra Sekhar Rao and Cabinet minister Shri K. Taraka Rama Rao. The team has travelled in metro train till kukatpally. As we know two stretches are ready for metro run like Miyapur to Ameerpet and Nagole to Ameerpet. Once inauguration was over the next day it was open to public and it was huge response from the twin city commuters over more than one lakh commuters travelled on first day of metro train. As per Hyderabad Metro Rail M.D. N.V.S.Reddy it is not possible to declare the exact timings for metro trains Read More »

Delhi Metro- Botonical Garden to Kalkaji Inauguration

Here is a happy news from Delhi Metro for commuters who is travelling from botanical Garden to Kalkaji area, this metro train route is going to serve from December 25th 2017 on Christmas day. Nearly 45 minutes travel time is getting reduced by using this new metro train route by Noida commuters. It will cover the following 9 metro stations Read More »

Hyderabad Metro Rail Tickets - Smart card and tokens

Hyderabad Metro Rail has started the services for public on November 29th after launched by prime minister of India on 28th November. Metro train fares are declared as 10 rupees is the minimum price upto 2km and 60 rupees is the maximum price above 26km travel. Two stretches of two corridors from Miyapur to Ameerpet and Nagole to Ameerpet are running with metro trains successfully. Smart cards and tokens are used in place of tickets Read More »
Metro Smart Card
Sample Hyderabad Metro Rail Smart Card (Representational Purpose)

Know Your Metro Train Fare, Distance and Timings

The Hyderabad Metro Train will be inaugurated by Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi on November 28th, 2017. Some portion of the corridor 1 and 3 are ready for launch of metro train service. One is from Miyapur to Ameerpet which is 13 km and another route is from Nagole to Ameerpet which will be around 17km. A total of almost 30km route is ready for launch. As per cabinet minister K.T. Rama Rao said launching metro train services with a long distance of 30km is the first time in India. As already metro routes from nagole to Mettuguda and miyapur to SR Nagar stretches are completed long back, launching with short distance doesn't useful for the public. Metro tain fares also declared, if you want to know how much fare from your location... Read More »

Nagole To Ameerpet Metro Train Trial Run

Happy news for Hyderabadians that first time the metro train came to Ameerpet from Nagole. Couple of years back the trial runs are completed for Nagole to Mettuguda, and couple of weeks back metro rail ran on oliphenta bridge also. It has been 3 months since hundreds of workers and engineers are working day and night on war footed strategy to complete the work before the schedule Read More »

Medha Rail and Metro Coach factory in kondakal (Hyderabad)

Rail and Metro coach manufacturing coach factory has going to be start in kondakal in Telangana State soon, it will take 2 years to complete the project. The Telangana company by name Metha Sarvo Drives had made agreement with Telangana Government in presence Minister K. Taraka Rama Rao. The company is going to invest 800 crores and it is going to be provide employment opportunity for 2000 members. As per the state reorganization act center has to establish coach factory at kazhipet, even though state has allocated the place for this, but no response from the center. This new rail and metro coach factory is going to be establish at in between rangareddy and sangareddy district boarders at kondakal village. The agreement has made between medha organization MD. Kashyap Reddy and TSIIC chairman... Read More »

Cut Down in Sleeping hours in Indian Trains

Do you know we are having general sleeping timings in Indian Railway Trains? So, many passengers might be don't know this one, actually 9:00 p.m to 6:00 a.m is the sleeping hours as per the Indian Railways. This is going to be legacy now, railway board modified the official timings and set as 10:00 p.m to 6:00 a.m. The main intention of this is to allow passenger to sit properly in the day time, in any case either middle or lower berth passengers are sleeping after 6:00 a.m then the middle berth... Read More »

Bullet Trains in India

One more mile stone for Indian Railways, Japan Prime Minister Shinjo Abe arrived to Gujarat Capital city Ahmedabad. Shinjo Abhey came to India for two days visit, he also laid the foundation stone for India's first high prestigious Bullet Rail Project in Ahmedabad. This project will be expected to be completed by 2022. This bullet train will runs from Ahmedabad to Mumbai... Read More »

Hyderabad Metro Launch, Parking and Ticket Fare Details

Honorable Telangana Chief Minister Shir K. Chandra Sekhar Rao has invited Prime Minister of India to inaugurate the prestigious Hyderabad Metro Rail in November 2017, as Chief Minister already informed Narendra Modi regarding this launch in long back, however after so many deadlines the time has come to launch the Hyderabad Metro. CM KCR told this is the largest project which is under public private partnership (PPP) worth more than 15,000 crores. As Hyderabad is going to host the Global Entrepreneur’s Summit in November 2017 from 28 to 30th. So Prime Minister will be going to inaugurate the summit,... Read More »

MMTS Special Trains on Ganesh Nimajjanam

Ganesh immersion is happening in Telangana, especially in Hyderabad on September 5th. So there will be lot of traffic restriction in Hyderabad. Whoever coming to see the Ganesh immersion can use the Hyderabad mmts trains. To overcome the heavy rush during Ganesh nimajjanam or Ganesh immersion south central railway (SCR) is running special trips on September 5th to September 6th morning from night 10 pm to 6 a.m morning. These special mmts trains runs from Secunderabad to Hyderabad, Hyderabad to Lingampally, Lingampally to Hyderabad... Read More »

Delhi Metro Free Wi-Fi

Delhi Metro has started free wi-fi service to the blue line metro station premises from 30th August, 2017. The blue line service connects dwaraka sector 21 and Noida city centers including vaishali stations. The number of stations in this route are almost 50. If you are waiting for metro train no need to spend time getting bored, you can use free fast wi-fi service if you are having the wi-fi enabled mobiles. Read More »

Hyderabad Metro Train Services in November

Telangana government is planning to start the Hyderabad metro rail services in November itself. The 30km stretch they want to be functional in by November ending which is 13km from Miyapur to Ameerpet and from Ameerpet to Nagole which is 17km. So commuters want to travel from Miyapur to Nagole, they have to get down at Ameerpet interchange station they have to get into Ameerpet to Nagole metro train. Almost 800 engineers and workers are working day and night to beat the November schedule, this time they don't want to slip this November schedule. To overcome this Ameerpet interchange station should be ready by November then only the metro services can start. Read More »

Hyderabad MMTS phase 3 to Yadadri

Yadadri is popular punya kshetram in Yadadri district of Telangana State. The Government is planning to connect his pilgrimage place with MMTS trains till rayagiri which is very near to temple town. Estimated cost seems to 400 crores as per Rail Vikas Nigam Limited. It was decided that within 15 days government is planning to start the tender process and state government will share the 2/3 of investment and 1/3 by central government. RVNL is planning to implement this MMTS third phase within 3 years. Read More »

Hyderabad Metro Launch in January 2018

Finally new deadline has declared by Telangana Government to start services for the prestigious Hyderabad Metro Rail. If everything goes well by January 3rd 2018, they want to inaugurate the metro train by prime minister Sri Narendra Modi. To support this Hyderabad metro authorities has speed the things on war based in two corridors. The traffic is completely halted and day and night work is going on at Ameerpet and Secunderabad at oliphenta. The project involves 72km long way metro line, however due to some reasons the metro works not started in old city. Read More »

Book now Pay later - tatkal online ticket booking

Indian Railways came with a concept of booking tatkal e-tickets through Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited irctc web site. The concept is to book tickets now and pay later, the main intention of this type of ticketing model is to overcome the payment gateway problems and transaction failure issues etc., while booking tatkal tickets through IRCTC web site. As per the records everyday more than 1,20,000 tatkal tickets will be booked by travelers. Read More »

Malakpet Over Bridge for Hyderabad Metro Completed

It's a national record for Hyderabad metro by completing the road over bridge (ROB) within 25 days of span. Malakpet over bridge will come in Miyapur to LB nagar route, which is 164 feet span and it has completed within 25 days is new record in the sense of ROB construction as per Hyderabad metro MD NVS Reddy. He said a great engineering talent is.. Read More »

Rail Saarthi - Mobile Application

RAIL SAARTHI - Which stands for "Synergized Advanced Application Rail Travel Help and Information". Which is useful to book tickets reserved and unreserved, enquiry, meal orders and cleaning facilities in trains. Currently Indian railways having so many mobile applications like IRCTC and UTS, they want to combine and come up with a single app across the board for all services. Railways Central Minister Mr. Suresh Prabhu launched this mobile app on July 14th, this app is called as Rail Saarthi, this app will have features like safety measures for women,.. Read More »

Encroachments will be cleared at Metro Stations

Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) Managing Director N.V.S Reddy said all the encroachments near HMR station in Miyapur will be cleared shortly and state-of-the-art footpaths, street furniture, bus bays, auto bays, etc will be set up in the area. Inspecting the ongoing streets works in and around Miyapur Metro station on Saturday, Mr. Reddy said world class facilities will be provided at the stations.. Read More »

Supreme court order to take the possession of affected areas in Ameerpet and Nampally

HMRL - The Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited got major relief from supreme court, as per the court go for acquisition in Nampally and Ameerpet areas. Earlier the land acquisition was passed based on old Land Acquisition Act in 2013. The owners of these properties approached the High court to pay the compensation based on new Land Acquisition Act. Read More »

MMTS Ticket Booking using UTS Mobile App step by step guide

The country is moving towards digital money to save the amount of valuable time, paper less usage, ecofriendly and for convenience traveling in MMTS and sub urban trains. UTS app is developed and maintain by Center for railway information system (CRIS), to give more freedom to people and encourage cashless economy the railways came up with this UTS mobile app, which stands for unreserved ticketing system. Read More »

MMTS phase 2 work will speed up with the funds allocated to South Central Railway (SCR)

Multi-Modal Transit System (MMTS) Phase-II rural rail extend for the capital got a major lift in the Union Budget with the Railway Ministry apportioning Rs. 100 crore as its share towards its finish. Another tranche of Rs. 16 crore was for Ghatkesar-Yadadri augmentation under a similar venture. The SCR was looking forward at going into a concurrence with the State government for redevelopment of Secunderabad Railway Station, development of another terminal at Cherlapally and fruition of MMTS stage II, Yadav said. A comparative joint wander was shaped with the Andhra Pradesh government for infrastructural advancement in the neighboring State, he said. Read More »

New Metro Policy in budget 2017-2018

The proposed Metro rail approach could be useful to the continuous Metro rail development here, opined Federation of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FTAPCCI) office bearers at spending assessment meet on Wednesday. In the meet FTAPCCI president Ravindra Modi said that financial plan, which depended on rancher welfare, rustic, youth, poor and under advantaged, foundation, monetary soundness, financial deficiency, digitization, open part venture, monetary administration, ought to have made a refinement between Value Added Tax (VAT) and Goods and Services Tax (GST). "The FTAPCCI among different bodies have been requesting the Government to make GST go along by a solitary section for merchandise which are as of now sorted in various classifications," he said. Rail well being presented as a component of the rail, street and water transport advancement is an appreciated stride, he included. Read More »

No Service Tax on IRCTC e-Tickets and i-tickets

The booking of rail tickets online through the IRCTC site has recently turned out to be less expensive. In the Union Budget 2017 exhibited today, Arun Jaitley said IRCTC will no longer exact service charge on tickets booked online through the IRCTC site. Prior, an administration assessment of Rs. 20 needed to paid while booking Sleeper Class tickets and Rs. 40 for AC class tickets and 80 rupees charged for i-tickets. "Benefit charges on e-tickets booked through IRCTC will be pulled back. Cashless reservations have gone up from 58 for every penny to 68 for each penny," Mr Jaitley said. Read More »