Foundation Stone Laid for Indian Bullet Train

One more mile stone for Indian Railways, Japan Prime Minister Shinjo Abe arrived to Gujarat Capital city Ahamedabad. Shinjo Abhey came to India for two days visit, he also laid the foundation stone for India's first high prestigeious Bullet Rail Project in Ahamedabad. This project will be expected to be completed by 2022. This bullet train will runs from Ahamedabad to Mumbai. The total distance for which bullet train runs is approximately 500 kilo meters, which passes through Gujarat, Maharashtra and Dadra and Nagar Haveli which covers 350km, 150km and 2km respectively. These distinaces includes the 21 kilo meter tunnel in which 7km is under sea in Mumbai. Seems to be superb project expected investment is more than 1 lakh croes which will funded more than eighty persent by Japan.

Bullet Rail Project Foundation Laid
Bullet Train (Representational Purpose)

Bullet Train Stopping Stations:

To support these Bullet rails in India we should be experience staff, in this view Government is planning to establish a High Speed Rail Training Institute in Gujarat and likely to functional by 2020. Expecting a 4000 staff members will be given given training, who are responsible for this speed train maintenance. And this 500 km is going to be a double line, which stops at only 12 stations like








Vadodara Anand,

Ahmedabad and


These bullet trais can travel to design a 350 kilo meters per hour where as operating speed is 320kmph. The distance from Mumbai to Sabarmati will take 2hours 7 minutes 5o 2.58 hours. These trains will be maintained at Sabarmati Train Depot and Thane Depot and the Operations control center will be at Vadodara.

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