Delhi Metro - Free Wi-fi

Delhi Metro has started free wi-fi service to the blue line metro station premises from 30th August, 2017. The blue line service connects dwaraka sector 21 and noida city centers including vaishali stations. The number of stations in this route are almost 50. If you are waiting for metro train no need to spend time getting borred, you can use free fast wi-fi service if you are having the wi-fi enabled mobiles. With this service all the delhi metro passengers in station premises can use this free wi-fi internet service for all the standard internet services like checking emails, social networking sites like facebook, what's app, video chat etc., as per delhi metro corporation. If any one wants to use this service he/she has to first register one time to get the access by choosing OUI DMRC FREE WIFI connection. This service was provided by T-track 2.0 wave solutions, which is to to provide service on high speed trains in worldwide. Within 6 to 9 months this Free Wi-Fi service will be provided for Yellow line stations (HUDA city center to samaypur badli) also and providing the free services in delhi-howrah fast running rajadhani express also. DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) has also launched cashless recharge service using QR (Quick Response) code at metro stations.

DMRC free wifi in blue line
Delhi Metro Rail (File Photo)

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