Escalators and CCTV cameras - MMTS stations

Escalators in MMTS Stations

The recent union budget shows that so many railway stations in the region of south central railway will be getting escalators. In Hyderabad city Lingampally railway station, Hafeezpet Railway station and Hitec city MMTS railway station are the one which we can see escalators early. Lingampally is the station which servers almost MMTS Trains from morning to evening, and so many express trains also be stopped here, commuters from Tellapur, Lingampally, Patancheru, Ramachandrapuram, use to come here for travel in MMTS trains, but there is not escalators to help the old persons and physically challenged persons by carrying luggage. So, there is a huge demand from the travelers to establish a escalators in Lingampally railway station. The government has decided to establish escalators at every railway station whose stations are drawing 26000 commuters. In view of this Lingampally, Hafizpet and Hitec city stations has been selected for installing escalators. The secunderabad stations has going to get two more escalators as per the daily commuters count.

Secunderabad Escalators
Escalators in Secunderabad Station

CCTV Camers in MMTS Stations

To improve the security of travelers in some of mmts railway stations cctv cameras are going to installed. In Lingampally Railway station 25 cctv cameras are going to installed and also in chanda nagar, Hafeezpeta and Hitec city stations also 15 cameras each are going be installed soon.