Hyderabad Metro Rail - SmartBike

Hyderabad Metro SmartBikes

Hyderabad Metro Rail has started the services on November 28th 2017.So many facilities are privided by Hyderabad Metro at all metro stations like lift for old people and physically handicapped people, escalators, stairs, smart card recharge facilities and going to launch metro malls at some important locations which contains shopping malls and multiplexes witj high security measures. SmartBikes are the one which are entirely new for Hyderabadians. At some metro stations Hyderabad Metro Rail Ltd introduced these new Smart Bikes. Suppose you are travelling from one metro station to another metro station and your work place is nearby that metro station, you can use these SmartBikes for rent, once you complete your work you can returned the vehicle.

Hyderabad Metro Rail Smart Bike
Hyderabad Metro Smart Bikes

How SmartBikes will work?

  1. If anyone wants to utilize this service you have to install nextbike application. SmartBike is the name using in Hyderabad by nextBike. You can get nextbike app from play store and you have to register your self once or go to www.smartbikemobility.com or you can call to this number +91 40 71279008. Registration is free, however you have to deposit a credit of 500. This amount can be used in all fare types. You can using credit/debit card.
  2. By using two ways you can use this SmartBike service by using SmartBike app or customer Card.
  3. Go to the nearest metro station where these SmartBikes are available. Currently these SmartBieks are available at following places in Hyderabad. By March 2018 these SmartBike services will be started in more number of locations in Hyderabad as per SmartBike.
    • Cyber Towers
    • Miyapur Indian Oil Bus Stop
    • JNTU Metro Station
    • Miyapur Metro Station
    • KPHB Metro Station
    • Kukatpally Metro Station

How to take the SmartBike using app

  1. Open the SmartBike App
  2. Choose the SmartBike, Press any button on the bike computer. It will display bike number.
  3. Enter bike number in app and choose the rental time, a code will be displayed on the app. Enter this code in bike computer.
  4. Cable lock will be opened, keep it in holder and you are ready to go

How to take the SmartBike using customer card

  1. Just hold your metro card against the on-board computer
  2. Bike lock will open

How to Return the SmartBike using app

  1. Once you are done with your work, return the bike at an official metro station where smartbikes are parked.
  2. Insert the bike into a dock and insert the cable lock into the fork and through dock to secure the bike. If no free dock is available then lock the bike with its intergrated cable lok on the front fork right next to the station.
  3. Confirm return via bike computer and follow the instructions.

How to Return the SmartBike using app

  1. Lock bike at an official Smartbike Station.
  2. Confirm return by holding your customer card against the on-board computer.

How to Temporarily park the SmartBike

  1. Temporarily lock the bike by passing the cable lock through the fork
  2. Press C to park

SmartBike Rental Prices

Subscription Type Fee (₹)
One year Pass ₹ 1999
Six Months Pass ₹ 1199
One Month Pass ₹ 399
One week Pass ₹ 199
Time Member-User Fees (₹) Pay as you go (₹)
First 30 minutes Free ₹ 10
30 to 60 minutes ₹ 10 ₹ 25
Every additional 30 minutes ₹ 15 ₹ 30
After 8 hours (Every additional 1 hour) ₹ 100 ₹ 150

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