Hyderabad Monorail -Miyapur to Gachhibowli via Shilparamam

Hyderabad Monorail Project Proposed

Hyderabad Metro Rail services are started in Hyderabad city on November 28th by the Prime Minister, now it's time for another gem in Hyderabad's Crown. Yes, Hyderabad Monorail project is intiated by Telangana Government, the first phase includes 15km travel from Miyapur to Gachhibowli via Shilparamam. These areas consists of Information Technology companies around hitec city, tellapur, nanakram guda financial district and Gachhibowli. The possibilities of this route and various alternatives work is in progress. To improve the traffic and transportation facilities in Hyderabad city the state government has taken this monorail project.

Monorail (Representational Purpose)

The advantages of monorail are the monorail train route will be built on single pier, there won't be any track to run the train, the monorails will run on top of the pillars. Compare to metro rail the space required to build the route is very less. The first monorail in India was launched in Mumbai city in the year 2014 with 8.26km with single line and with 7 stations. Now in this Miyapur to Gachhibowli route still the stations are not confirmed however the distance is about 15km. Chennai Monorail is in full swing likely to be start the services in 2018 with 57km with 3 lines and 37 stations in these 3 routes. Not only Hyderabad, cities like Kolkata, Allahabad, Bengaluru, Delhi, Indore, Kanpur, Navi Mumbai, Patna, Pune, Ahmedabad, Aizwal and Bhubaneswar etc. also planning to start the Monorail in their cities.