Women Reservation in Hyderabad Metro Trains

Hyderabad Metro Train
Hyderabad Metro Train (File Photo- Representational Purpose)

After speed and freqeuency got increased in Hyderabad Metro Trains the daily commuters count increased to ~70k approximately. Even though HMRL saying 7 minutes frequency in peak hours and 8 min in non-peak hours, they are running the train between 6 to 7 minutes freqeuncy in peak hours. New initiation also taken by the Hyderabad Metro Rail to reserved some part of the coach for lady passengers. Hyderabad Metro Rail M.D. NVS Reddy has started the women reservation coach on 07-APR-2018 in Ameerpet metro station. The security or helpers at metro staitons will guide the women passengers to get into the train at particular bhogies. The womens coach might be in first one or last one for each train. For example if trains are moving from Nagole to Ameerpet the ladies coach will be on first one and while travelling from Ameerpet to Nagole the women reserved coach will be last car. Similarly the metro trains starting from Miyapur to Ameerpet will have ladies reserved area in the last coach while returning from Ameerpet to Miyapur it will be in first coach. Adequate boards like "only for ladies" are placing by security teams where the women coaches will stop.

Bangalore Namma metro already introduced in February 2018 but that is only for entry into metro trains, the first two doors of first coach of namma metro is reserved for women entry not for seats, once they enter into the metro train they can sit anywhere. However it got mixed response from commuters. Where as in Delhi the first coach is completely reserved for women commuters. The frequency of Hyderabad metro trains will be increased further to 4 minutes once the Ameerpet to Hitec City route gets completed. Hyderabad metro trains will stop at Ameerpet Interchange station for 45 seconds.

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