Lakdikapul ROB Load Test

It has been more than 100 days the Hyderabad Metro has started the services in twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Daily ridership is stabilized now and it is 60k per daily. This patronage will be increased once the other stretches are also open to public. The plan is to complete the all the works and start the services in June/July. Currently the metro trains are running from Miyapur to Ameerpet and Ameerpet to Nagole stretches of corridor 2 and corridor 1 respectively. Works are going on full swing to reach the dead lines. According the media sources 90% of the electrification of Ameerpet to LB Nagar stretch is completed. Whenever there is an ROB (Road over bridge) the engineering department will conduct the load bearing tests.

Above figure shows the load bearing tests coducting using a diesel vehicle to pull the metro cars, with empty metro cars and with sand bags these tests will be conducted. As electrification of work is not completed that's why diesel engine is being used and various results will be note down for analysis.

Load Bearing Test at ROB
Diesel Engine pulling metro cars at road over bridge at Lakdikapul

Increase in Frequency- Waiting for Safety nod

Hyderabad metro is planning to increase the frequency in Nagole to Ameerpet also, currently this headway is about 15 minutes where in Miyapur to Ameerpet is about 8 min. HMRL is planning to bring the headway to 7 to 8 minutes or lesser in Ameerpet to Nagole route also. They are waiting for the approval from commissioner of metro rail safety.

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