Unreserved/suburban/MMTS Ticket Booking using UTS Mobile App step by step guide

UTS Mobile App - MMTS ticket booking

The country is moving towards digital money to save the amount of valuable time, paper less usage, eco friendly and for convenience traveling in MMTS and sub urban trains.

Steps to book mmts or sub urban tickets on mobile:
  1. Download and install UTS app on the smartphone mobile, if you are already having this application just get the updated version.
  2. UTS mobile app step by step guide
  3. If you are the first time user you need to sign up, where as existing users can login directly using valid username and password.
  4. Click on sign up button, and enter mobile number, you will receive one time password to your registered mobile number
  5. UTS mobile app installation guide
  6. Enter your name, age, address, etc and in the next screen choose your default ticket type, adult and children
  7. Ticket booking using UTS mobile app
  8. Once you are done, you will receive password to your mobile to login to UTS app, after login you can change your password"
  9. Open the uts mobile application and login with mobile number and password, it will show the following screen
  10. Ticket booking using UTS mobile app
  11. Use quick/normal booking as per your needs, you can book platform or season tickets also
  12. Purchase ticket using R-wallet or any payment type.
  13. Recharge your R-wallet mobile from any UTS counter or online through www.utsmobile.indianrail.gov.in or you can choose payment type as net banking, debit card or credit card also.
  14. When ever TC demands you can show the ticket on your mobile, even though internet is not available you can show the ticket by clicking on "Show Ticket" button.
  15. Recently Indian Railways launched Rail Saarthi Mobile App which will have all the features like book tickets, enquire availability, fare enquire, train running, pnr status, air ticket booking etc

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