Water ATM at Hafeezpet MMTS Train Station

Hafeezpet is the very old railway station in between Lingampally to Hyderabad and Lingamapally to Falaknuma route. All passengers trains and mmts trains will stop here. Passenger trains like Gulbarga, Tandur and some express trains will also stop here. Recently it was announced that Hafeezpet station will be equipped with Escalators soon based on the commuters count and ofcourse CCTV installation also sanctioned. Waiting for the equipments from south central railway (SCR)

In mean while as the summer season is approaching IRCTC is installing a water ATM which will run for 24X7 developed by Swajal company. We can fill the water in our own bottles or you can by cups also through this water ATM machine. This is going to be very good decision taken by SCR. As so many trains will stop here obviously the patronage is very high compare to other mmts train stations. IRCTC has already installed the snacks and cool drinks stall at Hitec city MMTS station. However the water through this water ATM is not free for any one the minimum 300 ml water is just one rupee without container and with container it is two rupees and the maximum 5 liters without container it is 20/- rupees and with container it is 25/- rupees

Water ATM installed at Hafeezpet MMTS Station
Water ATM which is being launched soon at Hafeezpet Railway Station

Water Fares and How to use Water ATM

Quantity Refill With Container
300 ml glass ₹ 1/- ₹ 2/-
500 ml bottle ₹ 3/- ₹ 5/-
1 litre bottle ₹ 5/- ₹ 8/-
2 litre bottle ₹ 8/- ₹ 12/-
5 litre bottle ₹ 20/- ₹ 25/-

We can get pure RO water from this ATM by coins or smart card. With coins you have put glass or bottle below the tap and insert 1 rupee or 5 rupee coin into ATM, water will comes through the tap and stopped automatically. To use smart card first you have to put glass or bottle below the tap and press the buttons like 1/2 litre, 1 litre, 2 litre or 5 litre button and finally tap your smart card at the water ATM to get pure ro minieral water. We are having two openings for inserting coins one is for water and another one is for container, based on your requirement choose the correct one. The only containers cost as 300lm glass as 1 rupee, 500 ml bottle as 2 rupees, 1 litre as 3 rupees, 2 litre as 4 rupees,and 5 litre bottle as 5 rupees.

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